Exterior Painting Services

Painting the exterior of your home does more than just rejuvenate it – it protects it against the element and decay. When it comes to exterior painting services, the quality of the prep work, the type of paint used and the paint application process all play an important role in how good the finished project will look and how long your exterior paint will last. For obvious financial reasons, painting the exterior of your home is not something you would want to do more often that you have to. Choosing a local, reputable and experienced exterior painting company for your project in Asheville will save you money in the long run. That company is Paint One.

Paint One of Asheville has a solid and proven reputation for doing an excellent job. Our residential exterior painting services carry a five-year warranty and our professional painters have years of experience painting homes. Hundreds of reviews about our exterior painting services are available on Angie’s List and online for review.

The exterior painting process

Our exterior painters meticulously go through a series of steps in the application of exterior paint to achieve the best results possible. If you decide to hire Paint One of Asheville for your exterior painting project, you can expect our painters to follow the steps listed below:

Protecting your property – our house painters take all the precautionary measures to protect your home, shrubs, plants and personal property. Our house painters use drop clothes and poly plastic sheeting as needed to protect everything including your roof shingles and windows.

Cleaning up surfaces to be painted – it is really important to pressure wash the exterior of your home prior to prepping surfaces to be painted. Our exterior painters use a mild cleaning mixture to power wash the exterior of your home and to kill micro organisms like mildew. Removing mildew and grime will yield a clean surface to paint on, but also will reveal wood rot or problem areas that would have otherwise remained concealed.

Preparing exterior surfaces – in order for exterior paint to last longer, surfaces have to be properly prepped. Our house painters inspect exterior surfaces (siding, trims, fascia boards, window sills, landings, etc…) for signs of decay, rot, cracks, holes, rusty nails, paint peeling, and anything else that would prevent the paint from bonding to the surfaces it is applied on. Paint One has carpenters on staff to perform wood repairs as needed.

Paint application – Paint One only recommends the best exterior paint material for better looking and longer lasting results. Our house painters apply exterior paint with brushes, rollers and sprayers. Applying paint with brushes and rollers will yield longer lasting results as more paint will be applied. Using paint sprayers will use less paint and take less time, hence decreasing the initial cost of the exterior painting project. Beware however that thiner coats of paint may affect the longitivtiy of the exterior paint application.

Cleaning up the work area – once the work is completed, our house painters will clean up the area and remove all painting debris and materials to restore the work area to its original order / condition.

Final walkthrough with you – the last step in our exterior house painting project is to walk through the work perimeter with you to make sure that everything has been done to your complete satisfaction. During our final walk-through, we mark areas that need to be touched up to make sure everything looks great. Our exterior house painting comes with a 5-year warranty that your against any defect in workmanship.

In addition to painting the exterior of your home, Paint One can protect your wood deck, doors, rails, stairs and fences with a wood stain application.

Paint One is a premier exterior painting company in Asheville. You can request a free quote from us by either calling our Asheville office at (828) 592-2099 or by filling out and submitting an estimate request form on our website.

About Paint One

Paint One is a premier residential and commercial painting company that has served the Asheville area for the past 10 years. Paint One is licensed and insured and has been recognized as one of the best painting companies in the area.

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