Wood Staining

Decks, railings and other exterior wood surfaces need to be stained and sealed regularly to preserve their appearance and prevent damage from the weather and normal wear and tear. Paint One of Asheville specializes in the following wood staining services for restoration and refinishing:

  • Deck staining and sealing
  • Railing and fences painting
  • Interior staining and door staining
  • Log home restoration and refinishing
  • Stain removal

Our team of professional painters is ready to assist you with your wood staining and deck refinishing projects. If you live in the Asheville NC area, contact Paint One today or fill out our online estimate request form. We’ll arrange a convenient time to come to your home to discuss your project and provide you with a free quote.

Why wood staining?

Aesthetic – refinishing wood surfaces brings out the natural beauty of wood and wood grain. Wood surfaces that are professionally stained look beautiful. Different stain colors can be applied to complement the color of your home.

Functional – wood structures like decks, rails, and fences are not cheap to build. To protect your investment, wood structures should be protected with a high quality stain product to prevent weathering.

What is weathering?

Exterior wood surfaces are exposed to UV rays, rain, temperature fluctuations, ice and snow. Wood reacts to temperature differences by expanding and contracting. Left unprotected, exterior wood surfaces will eventually decay and rot.

Paint One uses premium quality wood stain products to protect exterior wood surfaces. You will love the results you get with our wood staining services.

Sealing versus staining

Sealing and staining are two different processes. Sealing exterior wood surfaces consist of applying a clear coat of sealant to seal pores making the wood surface waterproof. By using a quality sealer that prevents the drying and bleaching effect of UV rays, exterior wood surfaces will be protected from turning grey color (weathering).

Other the other hand, wood staining is used to alter the color of the wood surface being treated. There are many stain colors to choose from. The more opaque the stain, the more it will conceal the wood grain.  There are two main types of wood stain products: dye and pigment. Dye-based wood stain products are used to stain wood surfaces with smaller pores. Pigment-based wood stain products are used to tint wood surfaces with larges pores.

Wood stain removal services

If you want to lighten the existing finish of your wood surfaces, the stain will need to be removed and a new coat applied. This process is typically done on log homes, wood siding, doors, decks, railing and fences.

Paint One of Asheville offers wood stain removal services. The process of removing wood stain is pretty involved, but the results are quite spectacular.

For all your wood refinishing and staining needs, including deck refinishing, contact Paint One of Asheville today at (828) 592-2099 or fill out our online contact form for a free in-home estimate.

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